Yıldız Polietilen

Polyethylene Hdpe Flange

22 February 2021, Monday, 11:49

YILDIZ POLYETHYLENE continues to bring in Sector with the innovations at every new day. Yıldız Polyethylene takes power to the sector with the Polyethylene Flange with the specifics Stainless, unbreakable, lightweight, durable which is manufactured study of Research and Developments by expanding Product Range…The Flanges manufactured from only Polyethylene have succesfully passed from the 25 Bar Pressure Test, the flexural tests and shear tests.. Polyethylene Flange is more convenient usage instead of Flanges covered with polyehtylene.

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Yıldız Polietilen

Collector Dn1200 For Power Plant

22 February 2021, Monday, 11:47

Project aim: SEA WATER Location: KOS Island, Greece Project Status: Ongoing

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